This is the workbook that accompanies MINDSTORMS: 25 Exercises to Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur.

Mindstorm 0: The 5 Mindshop Agreements

Mindstorm 1: Discovering Your Expertise

Mindstorm 2: Find Your Overarching Topics

Mindstorm 3: Dots, Underlines, and Asterisks

Mindstorm 4: The Form and Format of an Idea

Mindstorm 5: You’re the Expert

Mindstorm 6: Solving Problems

Mindstorm 7: Reclaiming Your Expertise

Mindstorm 8: Dream a Little Dream

Mindstorm 9: Write a Book

Mindstorm 10: Give a Talk

Mindstorm 11: Map Out Your Coaching Program

Mindstorm 12: Digital Products

Mindstorm 13: Build Your Network

Mindstorm 14: Put a Number on It

Mindstorm 15: 90-Day Experiments

Mindstorm 16: Make a List of Your Yeah-Buts

Mindstorm 17: Recognizing the Resistance

Mindstorm 18: Three Levels of Belief

Mindstorm 19: Write Copy for Your Home Page

Mindstorm 20: Write Copy for Your About Page

Mindstorm 21: Write Your First Sales Page

Mindstorm 22: Create Your First Lead-Generating Opt-in

Mindstorm 23: Write a Sequence of Emails, Connecting Your Opt-in to Your Sales Page

Mindstorm 24: Creating Content (and Figuring Out What to Say)

Mindstorm 25: Annoying Things Annoying People Do And Say